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My name is Emma and I would like to tell you about my experience with Chocolate Slim.

It’s about that product which is promising that “weight loss has never been so easy”.

Kopen Chocolate Slim

The producer presents the composition as balanced, Chocolate Slim’s ingredients being the following:

  • Natural Cocoa – it produces the happiness hormone while eliminating the crave for sweets and intensifying the fat burning process
  • Whey Protein – the most efficient protein, the body consuming approximatively 70% of the provided calories during the digestion of this protein
  • Soy Lecithin – intensifies the fat burning process and blocks the fat from depositing
  • Oat Fibers – provides energy and zest for life while reducing food appetite
  • Glaucomannan – prevents fat from depositing in the difficult areas and provides energy
  • Vitamins and minerals – improve your physical and mental state while balancing fat metabolism.


Now that we know what the producer of Chocolate Slim says, we can move on and talk about my experience.

Kopen Chocolate Slim

To begin with, I would like to tell you few things about myself. I am 28 years old and I work in the banking field, Monday to Friday from 9 to 17. I get home around 18 and I take care of the housework: cooking, laundry and ironing. I seldom have free time for myself and most of the time I prefer to spend it in bed, watching TV. This has been my routine for 5 years and this is how I got to weight 86 kg. I really don’t have time to exercise and when I tried doing it, it was very unpleasant because I wasn’t able to achieve very much. I was getting tired very fast…

Regarding my alimentation, I can’t say I am abusing or that I am eating too much, but I can’t keep those strict diets either. I have tried a lot of them, but I didn’t resist more than 3 days, and when I gave them up, I’ve started eating even more that I used to eat before.

Chocolate Slim

After 2 years of torment, time during which I struggled and I looked for a method that would function for me and would adapt to my lifestyle, a work colleague recommended me Chocolate Slim. I could see with my own eyes how she lost weight in a relatively short time (1 month), so I said I should also try it. I went on the producer website and I ordered the product which arrived after 3 days. Everything went according to plan and the product seemed all right. Also, I was seeing my colleague losing more weight every day. But, after so many of my failed attempts of losing weight, I was still skeptical. I didn’t think it would function for me.

And yet, I started using Chocolate Slim, as following:

  1. One glass of still water on empty stomach and I replaced breakfast with one cup of Chocolate Slim. I felt from the first day how it was purifying me, activating my metabolism and, in the same time, providing me more energy and more zest for life than my regular breakfast. Also, I felt very well knowing that I’ve skipped the breakfast calories.
  2. I replaced dinner, which was the most consistent meal, with Chocolate Slim. Besides not being hungry and having no appetite for food, I also had energy for doing more than just lying in bed, watching TV. I became more active and this helped me a lot. From the exhausted person which I normally was around 8 o’clock, I wanted to go out for an evening walk with my husband. Even he was shocked – in a positive way – pleasantly impressed!

Kopen Chocolate Slim

Everything being so simple and pleasant, I kept my new passion, Chocolate Slim.

I decided to weight myself after the first week.

And the results didn’t fail to appear: after one week I weighted 81 kilograms, which meant I already got rid of 5 kg!!!

It was the first time in my life when I succeeded and first time when I managed to lose weight. I looked in the mirror and I could not believe it, nor my husband.

It was the moment when I grew wings, I felt like I can do it and that this was only the beginning! It was something new for me to have people asking me what is happening, how I did it. Everyone was curious about my diet, how much I exercised and they were amazed when I was telling them about Chocolate Slim.

I decided to keep the rule of weighting myself again after one week.

Guess what? The scale indicated 76 kg, so another 5 kilograms in one week – a total of 10 kilograms in only 2 weeks!!! The change was really big, I was already seeing my true face, my true image. But problems, also, occurred: my clothes were too big! Hahaha, those were the kind of problems to wish for!

Chocolate Slim became a lifestyle for me

One more week goes by, during which I lose another 4 kg, making me reach 72 kilograms. I didn’t weight like this since college.

Kopen Chocolate Slim

After the 4th week, meaning a month, I’ve decided to write this post. Right now, when I am writing this, I’ve reached 68 kilograms. I don’t even realize this, but the change is incredible. It has totally changed me, it changed my life, I could say. You can see below the results after one month using Chocolate Slim:

Chocolate Slim


In conclusion, I want to tell you in all honesty that I am extremely satisfied with Chocolate Slim and it’s now part of my life, because I want to get rid of few more kilograms to reach my ideal weight of 59-60 kg. I also recommend it to you, especially if you’ve already tried dieting and exercising and it didn’t work. It’s the easy way for losing weigh without the headaches. I, also, recommend you taking pictures before and after, like me, because it will keep you motived.

For any other questions regarding Chocolate Slim and not only, I’ll be waiting for your messages!

Kopen Chocolate Slim